Sunday, October 28, 2012


QEW Gal Sarah Willliams

Last quarter QEW Publishing experienced a series of challenging, but fun and exciting adventures with back-to-back tours. A lot of showcasing of its works and connecting with new contacts for future projects took place. 
QEW Gal Alicia Groom
The Rose City Comi-Con in Portland, Oregon, Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, and Seattle's Jet City Comic ShowQEW Publishing will end its official exhibition season after attending the Bellingham Comi-Con in Bellingham, Washington on October 20, 2012. Plenty of planning and effort was carried out to attend these events, but it was really the commitment and teamwork of a devoted team of volunteer QEW Gals to help make it possible. QEW Publishing would like to express its gratitude to Sarah Williams and Alicia Groom.


With so many colliding and conflicting production schedules  and looming deadlines regarding the pursuits of numerous other developing projects here, QEW Publishing has had to revise its list comprising the 3rd Line-Up of new releases for 2013. The comics, VOID XANADU #1 and BLACKSTONE #1, which had been selected earlier have been removed from this list. The revised line-up is now as follows:

ZEVON7--TPB (Trade Paperback)


MAGISPHERE Character model Holli Elizabeth
This project has unfortunately seemed to have parted ways with its initial penciling artist, Joseph Joyner. However, this mini-series' featured character model, Holli Elizabeth, has not given up to see MAGISPHERE develop into its fruition. She has sparked a renewed effort for QEW Publishing to draft and produce an ad to recruit a replacement artist, which will soon be underway. 
Holli has ignited this action by contributing a snapshot of herself for artistic reference. A link to the published ad will be posted on QEW Publishing's Open Group page on Facebook.


QEW Publishing is happy and proud to introduce its newest character model, Shelby Meader
Shelby Meader
A lovely model and actress in her own right, Shelby was also a contestant in the Miss Washington USA Pageant. She's listed here at the link provided here: Pageant Contestants. Shelby will be featured as the main character in WOLVEN, a developing new 1-shot, 50-page comic book about werewolves.


HELLION #1 cover
There has been plenty of accomplished progress on the production of the very first issue of this rock-and-roll horror mini-series created and written by Jim Savard. New artist Ian Chase Nichols has recently joined its creative team as letterer.


There has been back and forth contemplation here at QEW HQ to establish and maintain an exclusive "micro-"distributorship to local comic retailers for QEW Publishing's works to become available in their stores over the past several years. After a number of false starts and cost-eroding failures, a renewed effort will be underway again to restart the previously mentioned Retailer Round-Up campaign to solicit these stores. These would still entail the production and provision of an on-line, webzine catalog that will be called, PEEK.


This position remains open as the search continues.


Unfortunately, after a two-month campaign on Kickstarter, the fundraising efforts for helping to initiate production on the special comic projects, THE 1,000-YEAR NIGHT #1 and REPO KATZ #1 were again unsuccessful. 


After dispensing her impressive due diligence as penciler/inker on this 4-part, action mini-series, Rachele Aragno, has resigned her  post, rendering this project stalled once again in mid-production.


EAT & RUN penciled cover and title logo

Nick Olivo maintains his outstanding performance penciling this 75-page graphic horror novel. To this date only 28 pages remain for him to produce, and once that's done the focus will draw very closely on inking, coloring, and lettering.


Page 4 of BLACKSTONE by Rick Marcks
CODY COYOTE series inker, Luis Alonso, has happily joined penciling artist Rick Marcks on the creative team of this project, replacing BLACKSTONE's previous inker, Kathryn S. Renta.


The novel CONJURER

QEW Publishing is now promoting and releasing other creator-owned works beyond comics. CONJURER is a novel that is one of these. An intriguing espionage and political thriller written by John Steven AndersonCONJURER is the story of a young CIA operative struggling with his past as he confronts the corruption and violence of a terrible police state. 


ZEVON7 #1 Cover

Printed editions of all issues of ZEVON7, the 4-part, sci-fi action mini-series are finally available.


An exciting plethora of ideas and developing new ideas for 3-part and 4-part comic mini-series remain here in the archives at QEW Publishing. This means that there are many of them to process and steer towards actual production, but there is very limited time to invest to do so. So it has been decided that the bulk of these properties will have their respective production processes reconfigured in order to produce, publish, and release a number of 50-page, 1-shot comic books. This could accommodate a more streamlined and expedient production process that would result a more new comic titles.


QEW Publishing is pleased and proud to announce that graphic artist, who is known only as YdAo, has happily signed on as in-house letterer. He is currently plying his skills now by lettering BLOOD & SILVER #1, the first issue of a 6-part, werewolf mini-series.


Official ZMZ logo produced by Kyle Shold
QEW Publishing is currently collaborating with co-creator Isaiah Jenson and artist Kyle Shold (creator and writer of THE PREVAILIST) to produce a new special project: QEW Publishing's first limited, on-line, interactive comic book mini-series, ZOMBIES MINUS ZEROThe on-line comic will be free. The interactive portion of this project is an homage feature to the memorable Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book series of the 1980's. ZMZ will poll its readers to help steer the direction of the some pivotal points in its developing story. Kyle is currently producing the interior sequential art for the first issue, ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO #1. The comic is projected to make it's official debut sometime in December of this year. ZMZ will initially be released periodically in three 8-page installments, which would ultimately comprise a completed 24-page comic book. Printed editions of ZMZ #1 will be made available for purchasing. Curious onlookers and fans are being invited to follow the progress of its development and stay updated by "liking" ZOMBIES MINUS ZERO Facebook page via this link here.


QEW Publishing is pleased and proud to announce that it will be adding the new novel, NIGHTHAWK, to its 3rd Line-up of new releases to be presented in March 2013. When a childhood friend suddenly goes missing, a young city cop returns to her small home town of Nighthawk, Washington to investigate and becomes swept into an eerie mystery entwined within an otherworldly realm of fantasy. NIGHTHAWK is written by the author Marie Frances and published by Chuck Messinger. NIGHTHAWK is the first novel that will comprise the volumes of the Otherworld Society series.  

STRIKE POINT image logo

During all the numerous comic book conventions and expos, each of these events have all kindly catered to the likes of independent, small press publishers and artists by providing the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works and services to the attending public. Many of these enterprises and persons are on the periphery of the comics industry and continue to work very hard to successfully enter  the mainstream. QEW Publishing is currently marshaling its own humble and limited resources to offer another venue to be established exclusively for small press publishers and artists in late October of 2013. This new venue will be called Strike Point: The Small Press Publishers & Artists Expo. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Strike Point would be a 1-day event. Processing for a confirmation for a location of the venue will be underway soon. Exhibitor applications will be drafted when the venue location is confirmed and will be submitted to all small publishers and artists invited to attend. 

RETROMECH #1 cover

This 4-part, sci-fi mini-series has been in production for quite some time, but   its creative team of artists, Taylor Bills and Benjamin Sawyer, still remain dedicated to its completion.


Monday, July 2, 2012



It’s been a long, inactive three years since any attention to detail has been directed toward this imprint’s internal periodical, QEW Publishing Quarterly. So much has occurred, so much has been done, and there’s even more currently underway here inside QEW Publishing Headquarters—QEW HQ. And so much time has passed as well, which has only contributed to drawing all focus away from it.
But now thanks to some significant encouragement and a new blog format, a renewed, phoenix-like effort has been put forth to ensure that the QPQ will strive to meet its quarterly obligation to journalism. QEW Publishing is again recommitting itself to candidly report its numerous news topics and updates for all of its independent contractors, associates, and supporters so they can be informed about what’s happening with QEW Publishing.
Since the time period for QPQ’s 1st Quarterly Edition 2012 has already passed, what follows is all the news topics and updates for the second quarter of 2012 instead. QEW Publishing Quarterly is eager hoping to welcome back all of its previous suscribers and newcomers to this blog.

--Quenton Shaw, Owner


QEW Publishing's 1st Line-Up of new releases 2011
 On March 31, 2011, QEW Publishing published and commercially released its very 1st line-up of new independent comic books. Each of these new titles, CODY COYOTE, VERMICIDE: DEATH BY WORM, and DIABOLICUS, are available now as both digital and printed editions at QEW Publishing.


A new plan has officially been set into play to help with the marketing effort and to increase comic book sales. It’s called the Word-of-Mouth Program, or the WOMP. Active members of this program, affectionately dubbed WOMPers, are being offered monetary bonus rewards. These rewards are strictly based upon a set criterion of volume for any word-of-mouth referrals that result in a direct retail sale. A WOMP budget has been currently earmarked to accept a total of only ten active members.
Agreement applications have already been submitted to several prospective participants, pending indefinite responses. Curtis Lawson (writer of DIABOLICUS mini-series) is so far the only active member signed on to this program. Nine slots still remain open and available here at QEW HQ for any potential WOMPer.


Delving into on-line fundraising platforms, has initially proven to be unsuccessful. The developing comic mini-series for first issues of THE 1,000-YEAR NIGHT #1 and REPO KATZ #1, failed to meet their targeted monetary goals within their perspective timelines as fundraising projects.
         However, plans to relaunch both of these projects again on Kickstarter are under development with a revised approach to also launch them on another platform called The following promotion video, featuring character models, Svetlana and Tatyana, which had been produced for the REPO KATZ #1 Kickstarter project will also be showcased again.

REPO KATZ #1 promo video for Kickstarter project


QEW Publishing will be featuring and selling it latest releases at a number of conventions scheduled this fall.
Rose City Comi-Con in Portland, Oregon on September 8th & 9th, Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, California on September 15th & 16th, Jet City Comic Show in Seattle, Washington on September 22nd, and Bellingham Comicon in Bellingham, Washington on October 20th.


The production of QEW Publishing’s very first original novel series began in form of an idea for vampire fiction submitted by its co-creator, Moya Jackie. The composition of its unabridged rough draft followed and now nearly three years later, the working draft of the active manuscript is finally being produced with chapters 1-3 having already been completed and chapter 4 currently underway.
            BLOOD ROOT will be the first novel that will comprise a complete quadrilogy. Consideration to establish a special roster called the Peekers List, which will entitle those on the list to review excerpts of the novel during its production, may possibly be enacted. 


The 3rd line-up of new comics for 2013 has all been selected. They are the ZEVON—TPB (trade paperback) edition, BLOOD & SILVER #1, RETROMECH #1, BLACKSTONE #1, EAT & RUN #1, and HELLION #1.
With the exception of ZEVON7—TPB edition, QEW Publishing is determined to take some calculated risks by bending its primary protocols with initial releases that would be focused mainly upon the first issues of new comics that would actually still be in their respective phases of production.


CBCC at Emerald City Comi-Con 2012 in Seattle, Washington

Back in 2011, QEW Publishing was asked to help found and co-sponsor a charity group that would inspire donations for selected causes. The group founded and eventually formed was Comic Book Characters for Causes, a wonderful group comprised of comic book-oriented cosplayers who would happily volunteer to don their alter egos to help inspire and encourage donations for a selected cause.
Co-sponsored by QEW Publishing, CBCC made its debut at Emerald City Comi-Con 2012. The theme at the event honored Marvel’s Avengers characters. CBCC successfully received donations that totaled over $500.00, which was given to Seattle Children’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society.
CBCC's co-founder, Duane Atwood, had tapped his fellow cosplayers, Kristen Jensen (aka Black Widow) and Jason Halverson (aka Tony Stark/Ironman), who have since become the group's key volunteer members, promoters, and event coordinators. CBCC received significant feedback from its debut at Emerald City Comi-Con. Since then, many other volunteer members have joined, increasing it ranks and ambitions. CBCC can now be followed on its Facebook page at this link here: Comic Book Characters for Causes


After its two former assistants, QEW Publishing is again seeking a new replacement. The person sought for this particular post must not only be able and willing to take on the assigned duties and tasks at hand, this person must also have a passion for comics and the industry.
The QEW Assistant must also be willing to function efficiently within QEW Publishing’s contractual parameters. This person would ideally be the secretary of responsibility, the one individual who would be entrusted to co-manage some of QEW Publishing most delicate, internal operations. The person fulfilling this post must also be resourceful, motivated, and above all loyal.
There’s no doubt that such a person exist that meets this criteria. It’s just merely a matter of time until such a person is finally found. The search, however, ensues.


In a continuing effort to branch out into entirely different strata of entertainment, several screenplays for motion film have been or are currently being produced. A screenplay adaptation of the BLOOD & SILVER comic mini-series has been drafted. Another is in the developmental phase for an original, animated feature titled ACE ARCHER & ALIEN ARMADA, and a special collaborative fantasy project  screenplay, THE LONE RANGER VS WEREWOLVES, is currently in production by writer, Michael Montague.


STRIPPED's literary muse, Pam Grier

After being beaten and robbed of her life’s savings, a tough, streetwise erotic dancer sets out to enforce her own brand of justice. Development of this new 75-page graphic novel was inspired by its muse, actress Pam Grier, who has  spent a significant portion of her career cast as one of the most courageous and toughest female characters in American black cinema. STRIPPED's production was recently reset and will soon be fully underway thanks to the aid of its revamped creative team of artist Jean Dedeaux and QEW Publishing's newest writer Jennifer R. Povey.


KRISTARELLA #1 Cover by Larry Nadolsky
A beautiful, flirtatious, and scantily clad interstellar adventurer embarks on a quest to find a missing person on a missing planet. Writer Andrew Henderson and artist Larry Nadolsky have been moving production of this 3-part comic mini-series forward. Pages 1-10 of KRISTARELLA #1 have already been penciled and inked. This mini-series also features character model Kristen Jensen as Kristarella.


STRUCK's character model Alicia Groom

After being struck by a mysterious star-like energy bolt from outer space, a young woman suddenly finds herself endowed with superhuman powers. When she confides in her neighbor, he persuades her to don a secret identity as a superhero. This 4-part mini-series features character model Alicia Groom. Penciled pages 1-8 of STRUCK #1 have already been completed and submitted for review  by artist Harrison Wood.


Yes, even QEW Publishing now has a Facebook group page. Please request to join to become a member! Here’s a link:


ImagUnique character model Tatyana

This project was one of QEW Publishing’s earliest goals to diversify its artistic endeavors beyond comics. ImagUnique is ideally a compilation of art and poetry. David Berner II, author of The Nequia and The Witching Hour, was recently signed on as writer. He has already successfully produced six of the ten poems that truly correspond artfully with each of their respective images.  Created in 2009, ImagUnique originally began as series of reference photos and collaboration with character model, Tatyana, who is featured as the primary subject of ten fantastic images of originally penciled pin-up art produced by artist William Graves (penciling artist of DIABOLICUS). A few of the pin-ups can be seen at this link here.


THE DEPENDENTS is an original horror mini-series QEW Publishing had been commissioned to produce on behalf of its creators, Martin Fisher and Ben Hansen for its submission to Arcana Studios for its potential publication and release. Although this task had been completed after several tedious and challenging years, Arcana’s senior editor, Amanda Hendrix, has discovered a snag in its post-production review. The issue mostly involves the lettering. Directives to address this matter and perform a massive revision of all the scripts comprising the miniseries have already been issued in order resolve this matter as quickly as possible so that it can be resubmitted to Arcana.


QEW Gals at Emerald City Comi-Con 2012 From L-R: Sarah, Tatyana, Svetlana, Elizabeth, & Ameila

These beautiful young ladies who compose QEW Publishing’s support and promotion team are all volunteers. Formed in 2012, the QEW Gals made their debut appearance at Emerald City Comi-Con at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. For a few of them, it was their first time at a major con, but all of them had a fun and fabulous experience. They proudly sported the QEW Publishing logo as they happily helped out during all three days of the events while interacting with the public. The QEW Gals will definitely be returning at Emerald City Comi-Con 2013.


Penciled cover art by Nick Olivo; EAT & RUN title logo by HdE
 When the crew and cast of a popular reality show arrive on a small, mysterious island as the setting for its next season, they become prey for the monstrous, flesh-eating monsters that dwell there.  EAT & RUN will feature character model, Sarah Williams, who is cast and caricaturized as one of the characters in this original 75-page, horror graphic novel. Production has been progressing consistently thanks to the timely diligence of writer, Beth Wade (writer of PHANTASMAGLORIA), penciler Nick Olivo and inker Frank Arvizu.


Rachele Aragno

After a hail of gunfire in drive-by shooting leaves her brother’s life hanging by a thread, his younger sister becomes spurred into action to avenge him by assuming a secret identity as a superhero, using her remarkable skills with a specially designed yo-yo.
            Time and time again, the production of this 4-part mini-series has suffered numerous restarts and setbacks. It seemed to be destined to never come into fruition. But now circumstances have changed dramatically.
All penciled/inked, interior sequential art of YO-YO #1 has finally been completed and submitted. Thumbnail sketches of YO-YO #2 have already been submitted and will soon be reviewed. Once approved, production of those will be underway. The amazing turnaround of this project is all due to its newest penciler/inker, Rachele Aragno, who lives in Obertello, Tuscany, Italy.


Author JD Gunter with printed edition of his novel

New releases not only included new comic titles that were made available; QEW Publishing also released its very novels. LEFT HAND TREE, an intense suspense thriller by JD Gunter and CONJURER, a spy novel by John Steven Anderson. Both of these novels are available now as digital and printed editions at QEW Publishing.


Owner Gabi outside her store

QEW Publishing has engaged in numerous attempts to distribute its comics to its local comic book retailers, but with very little success. The only local store where QEW Publishing’s printed comic editions are currently available on its shelves is Gabi’s Olympic Cards & Comics.
            Plans to renew this effort called Retailer Round-Up, is in the works. It is critical that printed editions are made fully available for distribution to local and any other retailer. Other local stores have been selected to resume an approach to once again present QEW Publishing printed editions to carry.
The retailers selected so far are as follows: Danger Room, Central City Comics, Atomic Comics, Action City Comics & Toys, The Comics Place, and Comics Dungeon.